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BluuGlass founder and president - chartered real estate broker

A real estate professional since 2010, Patrice Roy loves to overcome challenges. He has a master’s degree in project management and is a chartered real estate broker. Streghthened by his past experiences and wishing to leave his comfort zone to reach his goals, he founded BluuGlass in 2015. His experience in project management allowed him to develop a methodical and rigorous approach for all business under his responsibility. His service offer stands out by his creativity, always in the search of solutions, a solid work ethic and a real commitment in the success of the businesses of his clients. Renowned for his well-established contact network, the quality of his work and his humility, he spares no effort to achieve excellent results.

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Daniel brisson
Vice-president, commercial leasing and offices - chartered real estate broker

Daniel Brisson, a chartered real estate broker, is specialized in the rental of commercial spaces, the development and management of commercial sites, the sale and purchase of properties for over ten years now. Daniel represents, on demand, investing or tenant clients looking for strategic sites with high potential. He uses his expertise in negotiating rental offers, commercial leases for tenants and real estate developers.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry and a great expertise of the market.

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Pierre Legault
Vice-president, business acquisition brokerage

Businessman from a young age, Pierre Legault was, with other partners, the owner of two Provigo grocery stores and the director of operations at Les Jardins Val-mont inc. from 2008 to 2016. All evidence shows he’s a seasoned manager. Following the sale of the eight fruit stores, he joined BluuGlass as the head of the business acquisition department. A great strategic planner, he holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from UQAM and a management degree (Advanced Management Program) from the renowned Harvard Business School. An excellent negotiator, he handles things diplomatically, always ensuring the optimization of business processes. His abilities in organizational development certainly make him an outstanding partner.

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René Piché
Vice-president, residences for seniors – chartered real estate broker

With his vast knowledge in everything related to sales, René Piché is constantly working closely with his extensive network of real estate professionals. Accumulating nearly 25 years of success in the field, he was the winner, in 2004, of the second place of the price attributed to the best performing real estate agents in Canada, awarded by Coldwell Banker Canada. Holder of a degree in real estate by UQAM, he is a devoted member of the commercial real estate business in the province of Quebec since 1980. Founder, in 2016, of the Courtier en résidences pour aînés agency, he joined BluuGlass in order to expand his services. Anxious to respect the highest standards of ethics, he makes sure to always represent the interests of his clients with discretion.

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Kristin Belliard
Vice-President, Corporate Affairs - Real Estate Broker

Kristin Belliard gained extensive brokerage experience early in her career working for Cushman Wakefield and CBRE. In her years at their employment, she has been an exemplary collaborator in locating premises for them, including Motorola, Schneider Electric and Samsung. In 2009, she returned to Montreal after respectively holding the positions of Broker and Director of Acquisitions for Savills in London and Jesta Capital in New York. Since 2016, she has been Vice President of Corporate Affairs at BluuGlass. Her main functions are to represent office and retail tenants and to contribute to the strategic development of the company in Montreal. As a seasoned broker, she accompanies the client throughout the entire process, and this, by perfectly mastering each case.

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Kristin Belliard
Vice-présidente, affaires corporatives - courtier immobilier

Kristin Belliard a acquis une grande expérience en courtage au début de sa carrière en travaillant pour Cushman Wakefield et CBRE. Lors de ses années en emploi pour eux, elle a notamment été une collaboratrice exemplaire pour trouver des locaux, entre autres pour Motorola, Schneider Electric et Samsung. En 2009, elle est revenue à Montréal après avoir respectivement occupé les postes de courtière et de directrice des acquisitions pour Savills à Londres et pour Jesta Capital à New York. Depuis 2016, elle occupe le poste de vice-présidente des affaires corporatives chez BluuGlass. Ses principales fonctions sont de représenter les locateurs de bureaux et de commerces de détail et de contribuer au développement stratégique de l’entreprise à Montréal. Courtière aguerrie, elle accompagne le client tout au long du processus, et ce, en maîtrisant parfaitement chaque dossier.

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Sebastian receveur
Marketing director – real estate broker

Great traveler and trilingual, Sebastian Receveur accumulates over ten years of experience in real estate. An expert in market analysis and profitability, he is also a master in the collaboration and representation of investors. In addition to these specializations, he holds a diploma from HEC Montréal in financial management as well as specific training in the process of renting commercial premises. Member of the committee of the ICSC Student Membership organization, he is not afraid to fully invest himself in projects that really fascinate him. With all these assets in his pocket he is able to develop a great influence network in Montreal and abroad.

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louise labrie
Assistant Director - Real Estate Broker

Louise has been a real estate broker for over 28 years. She was involved in all spheres of real estate and particularly the commercial and financing.  She was also involved in several major transactions.  With a legal and academic background in marketing/communication/public relations, she is organized, practical, determined and carries out her transactions. Perfectly bilingual, an excellent market intermediary, she channels the emotions of her clients. This business, woven with unexpected elements, appeals to her creative side during the marketing of properties, gives her great freedom of action and constant challenges to meet, since this sector is in perpetual evolution.  To increase her efficiency and availability, Louise Labrie has equipped herself with the full range of research and communication techniques. She responds quickly to calls and emails, essential to never lose a customer. Her motto: “I’m taking action”.

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Eric Dubeau
Strategic Advisor

Entrepreneur in Quebec since his youth, Eric Dubeau has more than thirty years of experience in sales representation and has also worked as an analyst and architect in the field of information technology. He has a Master in Business Administration and specializes in automating business processes specifically in the management of the sales and customers relationship managment (CRM). Eric has great experience with defining needs requirements for his customers, defining business objectives and developing solutions to create competitive advantages. Today, Mr. Dubeau puts his knowledge  into real estate for his new clientele.

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